Fore! Lakes Golf Outing

The Fore! Lakes Golf Outing will be held on Monday, September 17th, 2018.

Contact us to learn about opportunities for this year’s event, including foursomes and sponsorships.

About the Event

Friends of Clean Lakes hosts the annual Fore! Lakes Golf Outing at Maple Bluff Country Club to support local lake protection and improvement efforts. The event is designed, organized, and led by a team of dedicated and talented volunteers.

Active members of Friends of Clean Lakes, Clean Lakes Alliance’s friend and fund-raising affiliate organization, enlist community volunteers and secure sponsors for 18 holes and prizes for a raffle. By bringing in foursomes, Fore! Lakes draws in new stakeholders to our lake improvement efforts.

We are pleased to partner with Maple Bluff Country Club for the event in light of the substantial efforts it has made to implement runoff reduction strategies. These measures include a strict nutrient management plan on its complex, mulching leaves, and using zero-phosphorus fertilizers. The country club also partnered with the City of Madison and the Village of Maple Bluff to build Chatterton Pond, a siltation pond that catches stormwater runoff and filters it before it makes it to the lake.

Fore! Lakes fulfills public outreach and community involvement elements of Clean Lakes Alliance’s mission, strengthens public-private partnerships, raises funds for our operations and projects to improve water quality, and builds partnerships with the golfing community.