Madison FUN Lake Explorers

Connecting children with our Yahara Watershed

Grant Feature #7: Madison Friends of Urban Nature (FUN)

American author, scientist, and conservationist Aldo Leopold once said, “We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

Clean Lakes Alliance knows connections to the land and to our waters begin to develop in childhood. Through a Clean Lakes Grant awarded for 2018, Madison Friends of Urban Nature (FUN) is connecting families and children to nature and our Yahara Lakes. Clean Lakes Alliance contributed $1,250 to the effort, helping to expand outdoor learning opportunities that can lead to future generations of caring and knowledgeable lake stewards.

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On March 7, The Wisconsin State Climatology Office declared ice was off both Lake Mendota and Monona. Channel 3000 discusses what this early ice-off date means for the lakes with Paul Dearlove, the watershed program director of the Clean Lakes Alliance:

“An early ice-off date, a fast spring melt and a rainy spring means runoff could cause more issues for lake health throughout the summer. The more runoff that reaches the lakes, the higher chance we have for summer algae blooms and other lake clarity issues.”

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WKOW, together with Adam Sodersten of Clean Lakes Alliance, discuss the state of the ice on Lake Mendota and Monona. Though they conclude the ice on Mendota is not yet thick enough to walk on, Sodersten has hope it will freeze:

“Here’s the good news, in the 165 years they’ve been keeping track of the lake, it’s always frozen — it has never not frozen — so if history’s on our side, Lake Mendota will freeze eventually.”

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