MEDIA ALERT: Farm Tour gives inside look at Dane County dairy farm

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Clean Lakes Alliance Farm Tour takes place TOMORROW

Urban residents visit a dairy farm and learn about manure management

Jeff Endres, co-founder of Yahara Pride Farms and Clean Lakes Alliance Board member, will will give us an inside look at his innovative dairy operation that’s turning MANURE into COMPOST. We’ll be joined for the tour by farmers from all over the county as part of the North American Manure Expo. Along with his two brothers, Jeff Endres is co-owner and operator of the fourth-generation, 100-year old Endres Berryridge Farms and is a statewide leader in conservation. Don’t miss this chance to hear Jeff’s take on conservation and the dairy industry.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Endres Berryridge Farms
6953 Hyer Road
Waunakee, WI 53597
Check-in: 9 a.m.
Tour: 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.

On-site contact: Paul Dearlove, Clean Lakes Alliance

Shuttle to event site also available – see details on event page.

Event Activities/Visuals:

  • A tour of the Endres manure composting operation and a discussion of the costs and water quality benefits
  • A demonstration of composted manure application on an alfalfa field
  • A tour of the Endres livestock barns, including a look at the recycled compost/sawdust bedding

Quick Facts:

  • Endres Berryridge Farms started composting 3 years ago and currently composts 20% of manure produced on farm in a covered facility
  • Composting reduces volume of manure by 2/3, saves fuel and transport time
  • Composted manure can be applied to alfalfa fields during summer when raw manure cannot, improves soil quality
  • Composting manure may reduce need to apply manure on frozen ground

Interview Opportunities:

  • James Tye – Clean Lakes Alliance Executive Director, 608-628-6655
  • Jeff Endres – Endres Berryridge Farm, Owner & Operator 


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